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Carl Jung observed, “The foundation of all mental illness is the unwillingness to experience legitimate suffering.”

And so it goes with every human malady [here, the destruction of Net neutrality], the greatest suffering from which results from the unwillingness to experience the suffering of the disease itself.

The masses are fucked every which way to breakfast and it's neither going away nor ever getting anything but worse.

But "they" love it when the masses get involved in working against the slavery. "They" love it when people believe that they can affect change for the better and have not been reduced to the utter despair of having nothing left to lose. Optimism keeps the masses playing the game.

To my way of thinking, the best response to the insanity of the ruling elites is to simply opt out at every opportunity. When the Internet becomes untenable, accept the loss and the pain and throw it out with the television, radio, nearly all of the print media, and other garbage pickup.

At this point in the declining state of industrial human society, there is simply no compelling reason to attempt to hold onto privileges that were brief gifts of an intense glut of exploitable energy.

Instead focus on the possibilities of trying to feed yourself. Humans have had to do that for most of their existence.

How on that?