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The law.

Doing this might give Reddit Inc. legal grounds to take down Saidit. IANAL, so it's probably not that bad, but it's pretty bad.

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I would think as long as it's not the actual saidit admin staff running the bot, it should be different. You're not responsible for what other people post, at least in the US. It might be different if saidit staff were just copying all the content.

Even then I question if it's illegal. Because like hooktube just copies all the YouTube vids and it's not a problem.

Edit: also IANAL, obviously.

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It's wise but a sad commentary that we need to declare ourselves non-lawyers and that we even need them the way we do for the spider web of justice.

It seems like a Bot subsaidit is in order to discuss how to DIY bots, what they should and shouldn't be doing, wish lists, and hypothetical scenarios that folks may or may not choose to act upon without any actual directions "from above".