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That is a brilliant idea I think. All those threads that get removed when you're in the middle of a goddam conversation would be less of a problem if you can continue the conversation somewhere else.

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Ooh I like the way you put that. Maybe any super-big thread that locks on reddit, then automatically has a post created on saidit, where people can continue the conversation. That makes a ton of sense. I will begin looking in to this.

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It's doable but the content would have to be posted slowly to avoid Saidit's rate limiting restrictions.

Are you interested in migrating a sub to Saidit?

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i think im more of a lurker---- i also wonder if it is possible to replicate the activity of a highly active redditor in say, upvoting and submitting-- it can be marked as a bot.

i guess itis more of an organic growth decision. and yes-- it would be governed by saidit's resources. saidit is a great site concept too.

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I don't know a ton about Reddit bots, but yeah I think you can do whatever with them. We have at least one bot that's a frequent contributor here.

Yeah we considered automated content posting when we first started, but we made /s/all the home page instead and that seems to have worked out well. Thanks for checking out the site.

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We have at least one bot that's a frequent contributor here.


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Suspected bot*

Previously known as:

I think it's a well intentioned bot, but some of the stories are so old that the titles become misleading.

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What do you mean "automated content posting"? And was that just for starting out, before the numbers?

Would it be possible to make a bot to copypaste everything in chat to a sub feed? Perhaps collecting every X amount or X timeframe into one to avoid being overloaded? Or make it another tab within the sub? A permanent record.

I've seen the "share" options everywhere, often including a Reddit icon. I've never used it. Is there such a thing for SaidIt? Further, I'm guessing there might be Reddit addons to make it easier to link stuff. Might it be worth delving into for SaidIt?

I'd like a bot to auto-share a select group of YouTube channels, but I'm guessing that could easily escalate out of control very quickly. However, this is a voting forum and there is a potential to do it democratically.

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What do you mean "automated content posting"?

Software/bots making saidit posts/links and comments on some kind of schedule, or like posting everything on a list of links they are given.

And was that just for starting out, before the numbers?

We never did it

Would it be possible to make a bot to copypaste everything in chat to a sub feed?

SaidIt could do it if people wanted it. Right now there's no external IRC access or chat related stuff in the SaidIt/Reddit API.

Sharing: Is there such a thing for SaidIt?

Not really, Said it isn't big enough to be included in the sharing widgets. The site does support easy incoming share links tho, using the same url format as reddit.

I added SaidIt to a browser social sharing extension once though that supported adding custom urls, forget the name but it worked fine. I'll try to dig up the name it sounds like you might like it.

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And was that just for starting out, before the numbers?

We never did it

I know, but why were you considering it?

I might like the widget, maybe not. I hope it's good for me and others. It's a neat thing and I'll add it to the article and I hope you add it to the footer.

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I know, but why were you considering it?

I can't remember if it was because the site was so dead, or if magnora wanted a particular sub mirrored over here because he liked it, or if it was gonna be general news content to balance out all of the conspiracy/politics content. we didn't consider it much at all.

that's just us though, we've had the API up and going the whole time and there's no site policy about it, so bot away as far as i'm concerned.

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Well, intentionally or not I think it's ended up great. Sounds like you were there from the beginning. I thought you came in later.

Now I'm going to look up what API means. The first is American Petroleum Institute, so I don't think that's it. Now I have to look up Application Program Interface.

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That /r/conspiracy post where I volunteered to help magnora was the start of SaidIt. He had a bunch of ideas all cooked up, but there was no tech or anything written down or anything. So since the beginning.

SaidIt's API is how that bot can post here and how the RedReader android app can log you in here and let you make posts, etc. We basically have all of this setup and working:

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I'd like a bot to auto-share a select group of YouTube channels

Doable, especially if it's posting to your sub or a sub you won't get marked as spam in.

It exists, here's one:

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Super cool. I'll check that out.

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If the bot is predictable, e.g. high number of requests from same IP, it could be detected and blocked, but I suspect it is unlikely to get much attention unless it is requesting a lot of pages.

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It's really easy to do, but one bot could take over the whole ecosystem.

I made to keep track of NXIVM news and other cult news. I made one to watch articles about the FBI, one for Conservative News... I've lost count there are so many.

I tried pumping some of it to Voat, but the ecosystem is so small, you dwarf all other contributors. Even manually entering it, you can top Voat easily as #1 poster every day with about 100 posts. (not mine but I helped make it)

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The law.

Doing this might give Reddit Inc. legal grounds to take down Saidit. IANAL, so it's probably not that bad, but it's pretty bad.

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I would think as long as it's not the actual saidit admin staff running the bot, it should be different. You're not responsible for what other people post, at least in the US. It might be different if saidit staff were just copying all the content.

Even then I question if it's illegal. Because like hooktube just copies all the YouTube vids and it's not a problem.

Edit: also IANAL, obviously.

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It's wise but a sad commentary that we need to declare ourselves non-lawyers and that we even need them the way we do for the spider web of justice.

It seems like a Bot subsaidit is in order to discuss how to DIY bots, what they should and shouldn't be doing, wish lists, and hypothetical scenarios that folks may or may not choose to act upon without any actual directions "from above".