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Muahaha. I love all the attention, I'll make sure to check this out.

Our fight is barely beginning.

Edit: Interesting points over there, like the fact that the reddit admins changing the site for the sake of more ads could cause a huge backlash the same way it happened with facebook.

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Reddit admins changing the site for more ads isn't really true though; the purpose of the redesign is to increase new user retention, which also earns Reddit money. I know that I found the interface pretty impenetrable when I first came to Reddit.

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Their brilliant plan is to use bots to increase user interaction. It's easy as shit, all you have to do is ask questions, people love to talk about themselves. Reddit is just market research and not so subtle advertising. It's at the point that the big subs are all controlled by their marketing partners. The big draw is that they can make it look like it's organic content, they can manufacture consensus.

Their new terms of service let them appropriate anything any user submits, they are essentially saying we are making money off users.