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Without the CSS, one of the boxes in the post would look something like this:



This user was permanently banned 1 month ago by one of the SaidIt admins

Ban reason goes here, maybe with a link like this.

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The outer blockquote is styled into the outer box (the one with the thick outline). It's also an inline-block so the boxes can be shown side by side. The inner blockquote is the white/dark gray (depending on whether you're using day mode or night mode) part inside the box.

In the above example, the Banned (in italics) is styled into a red box. The "1 month ago" text (that links to #timestamp) is styled to have the same color as the surrounding text. The horizontal rule is styled to be a dotted line.

In the examples with a large red box containing the "ban message", the box is another blockquote.

Currently, the styling only applies to the post itself (meaning any other post on this sub with the exact same markdown won't have it). It's like that because I didn't really know a way to distinguish something that should be formatted from something that shouldn't be formatted. (On reddit, I think they sometimes use headers as a way of indicating that something should be styled.)

This probably took her like 1 second to learn and execute a perfect result with zero issues.

No one masters anything instantaneously. Reddit/SaidIt's quirky CSS takes some acclimation time and experience to learn, much less gain expertise.

Yeah. I spent quite a bit of time trying to style things on reddit (I think I started in 2017, before I had an account).

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Thanks for the run down! Saved.

I looked but not hard. I tried /s/sub/wiki/about/stylesheet but wasn't mod so I should have tried /s/sub/wiki/config/stylesheet.