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This post is a great idea, among many.

I also kind of want to see them make the list of banned accounts and subs public.

I formatted the post using CSS, so I won't be able to do this outside this sub.

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I tried to start various categorizations and histories of SaidIt. Community, culture, and records, like who was banned and why in a wiki page. I believe SaidIt is important, even if a small part of the Interweb. I believe history is important, even if it's trivial records. Political figures utilize mythological histories (I watched the recent Adam Curtis documentary) to help create a future for the masses. SaidIt is anything but Chinese Revolution, but on a vastly smaller scale I think a community culture can benefit from consciously employing many of the same steering concepts towards goals - including order, fairness, transparency, etc.

IMO, a next-gen forum would be 100% transparent and open. This means no private messages, no private accounts, open records, etc.

I didn't know you could do that to a post. Good to know. Thanks. I might likely emulate that sooner or later.

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I started a banned list.

M7 didn't like documenting bans as he felt they made SaidIt look bad and I'd assume censor-happy. That's ridiculous and IMO he should have leaned into it, warts and all, and defended the concept that freedom of speech does not mean a free for all where asstrolls shit all over the place. Better to make examples of them, IMO, though that may not be a legit concept.