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I've said it repeatedly: stupidpol is very, very astroturfed and the mods there (gucci especially) are steering the discussion there extensively.

On the black thing: I see a lot of stupidpol's narrative as a rehash of Colbert's "I am colorblind" bit where he claims he literally cannot see race. It's obviously stupid and absurd. The problem of course is that in eugenics-dominated societies, we can't speak honestly about race, culture, and history. You take a population and subject them to chattel slavery for 200 years, then maintain slave-like conditions for 100 years after that with prison slavery, and you don't expect that to have cultural impact? You don't think that there are a bunch of screaming white people who want to uphold that system of segregation (and that includes the supposedly progressive liberals)? But in eugenic societies, we can't speak about what could be done to improve black lives (of course, they don't like to mention that integration has worked to a large extent, that removing de jure segregation is a huge improvement and undeniably a good thing). In eugenist societies, everything has to be reduced to innate qualities at birth, which become hereditary justifications for continued class society. Eugenist societies would find any sort of human progress or integration anathema to their most basic values and their world-system. That's why when you see progressive figures talk about racism in this country, it's about the most inane shit and maintains a pitying tone towards those they consider an inferior race, rather than anything the black people themselves would actually care about. Most of the narratives that get bandied about are for the edification of white people, and usually the most assholish of white people who specifically seek to maintain what privileges they have in the present system. If they did care about integration, they would start questioning the very structure of the schooling system (which was built on segregation and maintains that stance to this day, whether that segregation was racial or class-based or some other kind of segregation - the whole school is premised on giving the advantaged students more advantages and kicking down the disadvantaged students in the interest of maintaining the hierarchy and the institution itself). You'd talk about mass-producing constructive media, distributing books to poor families for free, mentoring programs, things that would actually have an effect (and these things do happen in reality). But instead, eugenists and capitalists want you to focus on inherent inferiority, lower standards (in a deliberate effort to pit whites and blacks against each other), and they want to keep overpriced textbooks going because it's a profitable racket for Porkies and the school districts. Common Core is pushed in part because it gives Bill Gates and technocratic libs a huge market to sell Common Core approved learning materials, most of which are dogshit and are intentionally built to confound students so they DON'T learn, so they internalize the sense of inferiority that their schools want to spread.