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Most of the space stories, are just stories.

Women can pee in fake space, just as easily as the men can pee in fake space.

Women's hair always inexplicably points away from the body from the scalp; in space.

Also, the only thing that floats freely is space hair, and it is almost always standing straight up.

Just look at the excessively hairsprayed space-do, in this fake ISS astronaut space video.... Does anyone think she put that hairspray in her hair, after she took off her fake space suit? In space? :-/.

She probably used a full can. When do you suppose she found the time to do this? :-/

Here's a trio. Apparently, they tried to get this gals hair to stand up, but it was short. It looks like they tried, though... Mens hair is unaffected by space.

Also, the guy in the middle it's hopping in place while the two on the sides are suspended motionless.
The mic had a cord, so it looks like it floats. Speaker phone functionality doesn't work in space... :-p

It looks fake, because it is...


They must think we're stupid AF.

I think we occasionally travel to near Earth orbit, but the ISS videos are laughable.

The moon landings are beyond ridiculous.

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So those small details, that can be explained in other ways,
are "proof" that space (or space-travel) does not exist?
While you can follow rockets and satellites everything right from earth?

You do not seem to live in the same world as I do.

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zyxzexn, my friend. You're an intelligent individual.

We should start with at least one point of agreement, so this can be discussed.

Question: Can we agree that all physical/technical (technical; as in *feasible with available 2019 tech) details in the ISS video must be 100% physically possible for any video to be a legit ISS video?

Assumption: If the physical/technical details are not possible/feasible with 2019 tech in space, then we should assume that the video is fake and assume that it was filmed on Earth.

Is this a reasonable baseline for discussion?

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Careful most people don't like it when you break down their space fun time. Personally I think you're spot on and this "peepee" talk is some sort of humiliation ritual for actornauts.

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zyxzexn is a smart person.

The problem is that most people aren't exposed to the facts, or presented the ridiculous propaganda that we've been fed.

Once you understand it's fake, then you see it everywhere.