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This is the most cynical post yet .. NASA has been concealing massive evidence of human life and past civilizations on Mars and on planet Venus at least since the 1980's, as per data returned by the Soviet Venera Spacecraft and the NASA Spirit, Opportunity & Curiosity Rovers. Link. Reddit.

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You should consider picking a different hobby.

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How do you mean?

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I mistakenly messaged you instead of Roxy.

Roxy has some questionable opinions about eclipses.

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Then question them by presenting contradicting arguments or even refuting evidence. Even if you can't convince them, you still've made an effort to combat what you consider ignorance and the arguments and evidence is available to anybody who is on the fence.

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This is the most cynical post yet ..

How about you lift your perspective two levels and see that the mainstream news are now openly talking about space missions where we basically expect to find life?

Have you not noticed a major shift in the narrative the last 10 years? Where do you think this buildup will lead? Partial disclosure perhaps?

Have you ever read or watched anything by Richard Dolan? He is very good at explaining why the secrecy and how those who oppose it work.

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Before anyone gets past the gate with me as a serious researcher he or she will need to give a rundown on the Martian Fox from Opportunity Sol 985, and any of the large number of other proofs of life on Mars I present in the links above, until then naysayers, prevaricators and procrastinators stay in the dog file with the Flat Earthers. Ancient Greeks Knew the Earth is Round. Edit.

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Before anyone get pasts the gate with me as a serious researcher he or she will need to give a rundown on the Martian Fox

I don't see how that in any way have anything to do with what we're discussing, and it's a logical fallacy and a ridiculous requirement that I (or Dolan, if that's who you're aiming at) explain something unrelated to prove the legitimacy of our current arguments.

Further, you're the one coming with contradictory claims compared to scientific consensus and thus the burden of proof is on you - How does your point of view explain what looks like an earthly fox can exist in a mostly carbon dioxic enviroment? How did it get there? When did it get there? Why haven't it evolved and adapted to a Martian climate?

If you're putting anyone asking you for proofs for your claims in the "dog file" (I assume that's negative), you're barring yourself from participating in the sort of discussions that impact rational minds.

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How does a fox exist in a mostly carbon dioxide environment.

You will observe the fox is looking at the Rover thru an opening in the mudstone wall, the theory is such life that survived the Solar Flares which were concurrent with the Permian Catastrophe on Earth 252 million yrs ago, which vaporized Mars' atmosphere causing its seas to boil away, retreated underground where indoor type vegetation which does not require sunlight to photosynthesize, absorbs CO2 and breathes out oxygen purifying the air and enabling the animals to survive.

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What chance is there for them to tell us the truth, either way?