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They booted you for two posts asking how tall someone would want to be? That's crazy.

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My main account was Mcheetah2. They banned me on Mcheetah3 and another one, just because they felt like it. All the posts I had on my sub, I showed in an image on here. They flagged half of them for "hate targeted at a vulnerable protected class," even when it was things like saying how SJWs steal things from others and claim them as their own. Literally nothing I posted there was bigotry. They were mostly memes, AI art, and the occasional storytime. But you know how Reddit assholes are.

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I got booted about a month ago and it was difficult the first week or two because I was so used to spending my time there. But then the reality of it started to sink in, and I realized that much of the content is coming from bots it's not real...