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I guess that's fair, most Dutch people I've met have been post-doc ex-pats, so they are more educated than the average Dutch person. One knew Flemish too heh. Apparently Flemish is the foreign language linguistically closest to English out of all languages. Too bad it's so rarely used.

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Pretty sure you got Frysk and Flemish mixed up:

For English linguists, West Frisian is notable as being the most closely related language to English outside of Britain, the two being part of the Anglo-Frisian branch of the West Germanic family, and is therefore often considered to be "in-between" English and Dutch (Dutch itself is dubbed as being "in-between" English and German).

And back on topic, watched some more of his videos and it's rather semi-interesting and semi-relaxing, perfect for split-screening it with browsing the web.

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Yeah I did, I got Flemish and Frisian mixed up. I meant to say all those things about Frisian instead of Flemish, my bad.

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That's okay, just don't make those kind of mistakes in those respectable regions :p