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Some thoughts:

  • Historically, this is the type of evidence that would be cited to disprove a theory like the big bang.

  • Preexisting material would (by definition) nullify the big bang hypothesis.

  • It's much more likely that the models/assumptions are wrong.

  • It's surprising that they claim to estimate the age of a theoretical material that cannot be seen, or directly measured.

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I think the way scientists use the concept of dark matter to explain things that we cannot indeed observe the mechanics of(like gravity, the expansion of the Universe) is akin to Aristotle's notion of aether:

We call the substance of the heaven and stars “aether,” not as some do, because it burns (aithesthai), being fire-like, although they are wrong about this ability, which is confused for fire’s, but because it is always moving (aei thein), being carried in a circular motion, being an element different than the four, unmixed and divine. (Aristotle, On the Cosmos)