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Thanks so much for the link dude!! I always keep my eyes peeled for his books when I'm out and about!

As for the video, it is kind of a clip-up, where Jones will say something like "demons from the below the third dimension!!" and then it cuts to Elon saying like "the holographic universe operates on the substrate". Essentially it's 15 minutes of them saying the same things, in different ways. Quite eye opening, but nothing you haven't seen before.

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I guessed as much about the video, I like the Alex Jones bit because it is 'comic book' level PkD, and delving into the nature of language and all it's related.

Cheers, I'm just into part II of the book because Part I relates to so much more reading material, PkD is like picasso: It's not the truth at all but he points so many flaws out that it's more than interesting.