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Dayum, that's why I'm so depressed

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I try to get an hour a day. Also exercise. There's this..effect that comes over you when you enter a woods. Especially in springtime or summer when it's full growth. A serenity sets in and envelops you, it's a kind of embrace. I'm lucky to be in a relatively rural area, there's usually other people near but sometimes its empty and that's the best. I run on sidewalks in and amongst traffic and it's not nearly as nice as when you enter the forest. These experiences contribute to my militant environmentalism..The thought of destroying the forest in order to enrich for trinkets and baubles is infuriating, thanks for the vent.

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We all knew this deep down, instinctive call to be near sun, green or nature

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If now someone could tell me where I still can find this "nature", that would be great. Because all I see is walls and streets and cars and shitty people.

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Save your money and get out of the city. There are still many places in the world with huge tracts of untouched natural forest. You just have to decide what is important to you and seek it out.

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Get out of the city then.