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I'm also A+. Is it true that European royal families tend to have RH- blood? Why?

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I'm really not sure! It's been on my list of things to investigate but I just haven't got around to it yet. Maybe today's the day.

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I'll check it out. Maybe all lizard blood is RH-. That's an attempt at humor.

I did a check. There are many claims of alien involvement and other claims without any support. One claim was that all the British Royal family are RH- but no source. Southern France and Spain, particularly the Basque regions (>30%) have high percentages of RH-. The highest percentages are in Europe, with very low percentages in East Asia. My impression was there is a lot of guesswork and wishful thinking on this subject.

Here is a sample of various countries with the RH- percentage but some African countries have no statistics:

UK: 21

China: 0.6

Estonia: 13

Spain: 19.5

Sweden: 20

Australia: 19

Belgium: 15

Canada: 15

Egypt: 8

France: 15 but higher in south


El Salvador: 3

Ghana: 7.5

Hungary: 16

Iran: 10

India: 4

Israel: 10

Ivory Coast: 4.2

Japan: 0.3

Kenya: 4

Poland: 15


Lithuania: 16

Mexico: 3

New Zealand: 19

Peru: 2

Romania: 14

Slovenia 18

South Korea: 0.3

Syria: 9

Uganda: 2.7

US: 15

Turkey: 11

Venezuela: 6

World: 11.7

This video is interesting in that it lists a Knights Templar-related website at the end and suggests that RH- is a characteristic of the Merovingian lineage of European royalty. I am not suggesting it is factual but the theme is a fairly common one: