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I found this while researching Quantum Jumps - because of this new science paper I saw here on Reddit.

From what I can tell, this is predicting/stopping the state of something before it is observed/shifts and receiving the requested outcome... which would basically be "magic".... manifesting what you want (ordo) from (ab) an unobserved space (chao)

Realistically, the order I posted the articles is BACKWARDS from the way I read them, which may change how you perceive these pieces, who knows at this point.

Some of the articles make it seem benign, having only to do with colour emission of different elements - but others seem far more... futuristic?

From the paper:

"The times at which the discontinuous jump transitions occur are reputed to be fundamentally unpredictable. Despite the non-deterministic character of quantum physics, is it possible to know if a quantum jump is about to occur? Here we answer this question affirmatively: we experimentally demonstrate that the jump from the ground state to an excited state of a superconducting artificial three-level atom can be tracked as it follows a predictable ‘flight’, by monitoring the population of an auxiliary energy level coupled to the ground state. The experimental results demonstrate that the evolution of each completed jump is continuous, coherent and deterministic." We exploit these features, using real-time monitoring and feedback, to catch and reverse quantum jumps mid-flight—thus deterministically preventing their completion.

Is this saying they can "catch" "possibilities" and manually prevent them?

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anti magic. fuckers.