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This summer, a research team from Harvard University will conduct the first field test of geoengineering the climate. They plan to use a high-altitude balloon to place reflective particles into the stratosphere above the arid landscapes of the American southwest.

Uh huh and I am a martian.

As devastating as this is, up till now,

Professional journalist using "till" - classy.

Our species has never before attempted to calibrate what the sun will deliver.

Me = Martian, k?

the technologies being tested today are designed for consciously taking control of some of the key physical processes that shape our world.

More than the author knows...

Charles Darwin, Gregor Mendel, and the conventions of atmospheric physics become subject to a delicate kind of renegotiation.

Muh transhumanism, man is god!!!

They are no doubt exciting prospects to some. But they are absolutely terrifying ones to others. Technologies this consequential must be subject to the fullest and most inclusive public scrutiny possible.

Couldn't agree more, too bad this world demonstrates the exact opposite. My suggestion is the author stops regurgitating propaganda and analyze the cause of this very apt closing statement, which I am sure they felt like a genius for writing, but will never follow up on in their own personal life, like a fool.

Verdict: Social engineering article through unwitting dissemination of propaganda.

Note: This review does not reflect my opinion of OP - thank you for posting this.