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That reads more like philosophy than real science.

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To elaborate a little - I think that science and philosophy (and/or spirituality, depending on how you look at it) are indispensable to one another. Science pushes forward objectively, while the abstract possibilities ahead are calculated by the philosophers - often giving rise to the "eureka" moments our civilization needs.

If a person operates from a bias of what they know, then the 99% of what they don't know is lost and they can almost never be eternally correct. IE: Religion and rationalism merged together to give us the flat earth theory for a long time, until and even after Eratosthenes calculations. It made sense at the time, but it was very flawed thinking - they never considered "what if it's not flat?" - it was just an irrational fear because "it was known!".

The known and the unknown are represented by science and philosophy/spirituality, I think - and are very much old friends who deserve to be reunited again, thus why I put this here and not in s/philosophy!

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Science used to be called 'philosophy of nature'. The two are inherantly interwined. The same tools used to prove certain ideas in science are used in philosophy, so we should not downplay it because we do not agree with it - that would be counter to foundational principles of science.

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My degree, in Natural Sciences, is an Arts degree...

measuring and observing are part of it, but the actual core is a conversation with nature, and the distinction between us and it is very hard to find. At the quantum level, it doesn't exist.

I delved deep, and I'm totally on board with observer created reality now. Meme warfare accellerationism!