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.pdf warning.

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See here in this article by a PHd, science begins to accept what the shaman has known for centuries.

Don Juan was correct about the allies of humanity.

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I would suggest you look into her work a little more. She is subtly and radically transforming the landscape of so called "ufological discourse". It is inevitable and hugely welcomed that the deconstruction of the multi layered tapestries of the cultural mythologys and religions of the UFO commence.

She is not doing this single handedly. We who might consider ourselves researchers of anomalous cognition are now experiencing a massive paradigm shift. Those whom wish to wallow in the endless regenerative mythologys will find this time to be a little painful I'm sure.

When it comes to the story of our lifetimes, let's walk out of the dark woods of ancient speculative interpretations and walk together in a brightly lit meadow of scientific observations. We have much to gain by dismissing ourselves from decades of mis information, religiosity, myth making, uninformed speculation and the morass of taboo that seeps into every crack and crevice on the edge of human understanding.

Good luck and please let me know what you discover.

Quoted comment from reddit user paranormal_mendocino used here for reference