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are you a holocaust denier?

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What's interesting, growing up in the Middle East, we got a drastically different version of the Jewish Holocaust compared to what people are taught in the U.S. Not that killing innocent people is okay, but there were genuinely two sides to that story, and incidents like the Holodmor laid some groundwork for why the Germans were afraid of Russians, Jews, and communists. Most Jewish died from the cutoff of food supply lines (by the Allies) and from diseases like Typhus.

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Just like their skinny German guards who ran off before the media came to take pictures of the concentration slave-work camps, not death camps.

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This is actually something I was taught as a kid. Tons of Germans and Russians were starving at the same time the Jews were being "holocausted." Best way to revise history is to stage pictures. And there are many examples of faked photos from WW2. Superimposition was available at that time. And outright removal of things as well.

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Many of the great directors of the 20th century cut their teeth "documenting" the war and the aftermath. Alfred Hitchcock, Billy Wilder, etc.

The pictures feature British brand made bulldozers pushing the piles of bodies into pits, with British drivers in British uniforms - but no one bothers to look.