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Well I know plenty of countries have banned Monsanto products, and are able to grow crops just fine. I don't know that there's some ideal chemical we can swap out, or else people would've done it already, but it does seems like we over-use pesticides in the first place.

The native americans used to use a technique called the "Three sisters", where they grow beans, corn, and squash. The squash leaves are huge, and lay low on the ground, so they block sunlight for weeds, so they don't grow. The corn gives it a tall vertical structure. And the beans also help keep away pests.

The three combined create a mini eco-system that protects itself. Combined with other practices, like promoting good bugs that get rid of the bad bugs, we can create an entire biome that can feed us, without having to spray any chemicals. It will probably still have a higher failure rate than monsanto crops (as it's not killing everything) but it will take these pesticides out of our environment, atmosphere, biome, and digestive systems.

Combined with other practices like more intelligent crop rotation, I think we could have no problem producing enough food to feed the world without dousing it in chemicals constantly.

Not to mention all the food that is going merely to feed livestock... which is like 70% of all US crops go straight in to the mouths of livestock.

There's a lot of angles of approach, and there's no one golden solution, it'll take a network of small solutions put together to create a new status quo.

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Wow. Thanks for the info, I appreciate it. I am fully advocate for reducing our meat consumption. I know a lot of people say that is one of the best ways we could immediately reduce our environmental destruction.