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One of the neander genes we possess, unless I am completely mistaken - is related to the drinking of milk! (or processing of lactose, more specifically) - and is directly related to the lactose intolerance of most African descendants.

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Large, deep-set eyes as well. The more you know!

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Seems surprising that they had a lactose tolerance. It wouldn't be too much of a leap to speculate ok the possibility that Neanderthal had domesticated some breed of livestock. Maybe reindeer or something similar during the ice ages. That or they breast fed for years with a plausibly slower maturation. This could help explain the fact that they appear to have been breed (and/or murdered) out of existence. I have no evidence for this, beyond the 'lactose theory'.

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Yeah... I'm starting to look at Neanderthals and Denisovans differently after all the weird things I've been seeing the last couple months.

I might be posting some kind of summary or essay on it - but probably will keep it for a book or something.

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Did the Deniovans have asian features? There must have been other homo-somethings running around Eastern Asia to add some genetic characteristics that produce these distinct features. There's no reason to list the features in question.

No homo.