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Although the article is written about the implication in healthcare, I can't help wondering if it's a cause for concern that this tech is being used in our food supply.

I'm not sure which way I lean on GMO's, after all farmers have been modifying and cross breeding since agriculture started. But this is modification on steroids, and in the hands of big corporations where profits come first and collateral injuries are swept under the rug.

How CRISPR is changing the food industry

Article is from 2016. Here's a quote: "Monsanto recently acquired the first commercial license of the CRISPR-Cas9 technology from the Broad Institute, making it the first license of the technology for agricultural use. DuPont has been working with Caribou Biosciences for more than a year and is already growing CRISPR-edited corn and wheat plants in field trials."

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Hm very interesting idea, I hadn't considered the use of CRISPR in the food industry. Congrats you just actually made me concerned about GMOs itself for the first time (rather than what I'm usually worried about, which is that the GMO allows for excessive glyphosate use which is affecting our food).

It looks like from your article it's a relatively new thing to use CRISPR for food though. I wonder if the way roundup-ready GMO crops are created is a similarly-faulty process though.

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The reported DNA havoc, she said, is not “specifically problematic in our work to make CRISPR-based medicines.”

Don't let them donate blood!