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I didn't always agree with Art Bells guests. I didn't always believe everything they talked about. We didn't share the same political views - But I'll be damned if he didn't run a great show ask a lot of good questions. Furthermore if the guest had a solid case - no matter how out there - Art would interview that guest and treat them like a person worth talking too, even if he didn't quite believe it. But if you had wacky bullshit and no backup to your story he'd hang up on you.

Many nights late on the road listening to Art.

He didn't die, he just went home.

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I believe this is from this interview with Art Bell on Coast to Coast:

Here is more of the quote:

They try to make it so that a belief in a conspiracy makes you somehow outside the norm, that you’re a kook, that you’re a conspiracy buff, they say "He’s just a conspiracy buff." Well, I’d like to read you something that I wrote: Do I believe in conspiracies? Nahhh. Do I believe powerful people would get together and plan for certain outcomes? Nahhh. Do I believe powerful interests would operate outside the law and maybe even kill people? Nahhh. Do I believe secret government agencies might feel the need to assassinate a person and cover it up? Nahhh. I think everything in America is open and clean and above board and powerful people always play by the rules."

I see new social media personalities popping up who take a mainstream view of conspiracies; that they are mostly filled with Flat Earthers and such. In my experience, nothing could be further from the truth and those that fall in line with this thinking only show that they are unfamiliar with the territory and are just going along with the well tuned social engineering perception that 'conspiracists' are just a bunch of crazies. This is boosted by paid ops to discredit truth communities who are actively working to subvert the malignant psychopathic establishment that robs us of our true potential.