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The USSR made nuclear lakes! They're still hot today, and that's Communism. They also caused Chernobyl.

Fast forward to now, and oh, that's right, China is a communist nation, and look what they pollute.

Communism as a whole also wins on genocide.

Having said all that, I don't believe any of the commonly discussed forms of govt are anything more than creations by the families that have owned, and run almost everything for a very long time.

What rules all the commonly accepted, or acknowledged forms of govt in the world today? Feudal pieces of crap that literally think a title makes them more worthy than anyone else.

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I am not saying USSR don't ruin the environment.

Party A sucks doesn't mean Party B is better.But people always love to saying another party also suck to make themselves feel better.

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But the point is you can't say "this is party A's fault" when it's both their fault.

That's what you're dong when you blame capitalism, when the culprit is capitalism+communism+other things. That's why I say technology is more to blame than any ideology

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I didn't say I agree the quote ,I posted it for fun and I found it's a little silly.

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It's interesting food for thought, no doubt