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Amazing to see the low level comments on her twitter (hardly surprising) calling her a russian asset LOL and a closet republican WTF some people just cannot think for themselves

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I like almost everything that I've heard about her.

Except for the CFR meeting.

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Yep. Her polling is on point. She's able to repeat back to you your own thoughts, and that's deserving of power.

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That doesn't mean she actually agrees with our thoughts.

The CFR could be feeding her taking points. She could be another controlled Obama.

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My sense is you have to be on committees like this if you want to be a presidential candidate (Reality TV stars aside.) As tinfoilhatty as I can be, I actually like that she's in there and apprised of what is going on.

It actually makes sense that she is, since the main thread of her position is stopping interventionist wars.

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Sanders wasn't on a committee.

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I've heard good things about this gal.

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It looks like someone's polling identified what people want to hear.

I don't listen to what any candidate says in this period. It's all manufactured.

I laugh when someone says "I really like what this candidate has to say." So you really like their polling data? Smart.

I will use what they say against them though. Like if they say they would give free health care to illegal immigrants then I know there is a risk of the US becoming the world's health care provider. Like if you would do that for someone who traveled here illegally wouldn't you do it for someone who traveled here legally but isn't a citizen? So now we get NHS lines but with the whole world in line.

I'll also believe what they are saying if it goes against polling data. Like when Ron Paul said he would legalize heroine. I'll believe that.