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Or, you could simply adopt the strategy that maximises total "feel better", which includes doing things to increase "feel better" and feeling better about that.

Selfish altruism is only a problem if it's rare. If it's indistinguishable from selfless altruism (i.e. actually serves to make other people feel better) then I see no problem with it: the end justifies the means.¹

¹: I mean this phrase in a way different to the way many other people mean it: read it literally, please.

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your prob right, but not when some1 is really doing it to be populair for their ego to brag about it then its not oke, well i just dont like that but your right because even then some1 is helpt/benefits from that, but for me i think back about people- mostly girl-who ar nice to you because they think they have te be polite- prob. mostly because they were educate that way- and on the 1 hand its oke, but on the other hand i think its Hypocritica and sometimes you think that person likes me- because she/or he is alsways very nice to me- but then its all a fake, they only were nice because they think they have to be/or dont have the balls to be that i mean is hypocrite, i rather have some to be honest and say "i dont like you/or fack off"then some1 who fakes to be nice to you

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That's not doing a good thing, though.

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think its the same, doing something practical or saying nice things to some1 , maybe in a world of materialistic greed people think its not, but for me theres not much difference

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No, I mean… it ended up making you sadder, and that could easily have been predicted beforehand, so it wasn't nice.