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Well ... okay except for the "socialism" part. Only a fool volunteers to be a slave when liberty is still possible.

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So this minarchist government, where will it derive its authority, justice, and funding? That's socialism in action.

Only a fool volunteers to be a slave when liberty is still possible.

I agree. In theory.

Let's say we press the reset button. All government is deleted with some decree that there is nothing but anarchism with no rulers.

Guess what's going to happen.

Groups will form. Gangs will form. Communities will form borders and patrol within and without. Stupid people will want to follow charismatic leaders. Power and "authority" and hierarchy will rise from the ashes regardless.

Half of everyone is stupider than average and most of the smarter ones are REALLY close to average - so most folks are WAY stupider than any of us we really want.

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Currently I'm fond of localism. People who shit in the same toilet you do every night are more likely to understand and respond to your needs than the pedo-sadists we have in Washington right now. The whole reason we're the United States instead of one superstate (supposedly anyway) is because the further away your government is, the harder it is to hold them accountable.

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I agree. I'm for trading rare resources and food, but not goods or services. If it's common and can be manufactured, then IMO it should be manufactured in many places regionally around the world, not just in one city in China. Decentralized production would support regions and save communities, political power, energy, and money, not to mention peace, lives, and the environment with regions caring more for their own.

United States instead of one superstate

Huh? The War Of Northern Aggression proved it was meant to be a superstate and that the states were not individual nor free but united under a monopoly on governance.

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The War Of Northern Aggression

So you rationalize slavery as a property dispute? 'Cause that's what this phrase implies.

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Only if you subscribe to the common misinformed idea that the war was only over slavery and not the secession of states trying to be independent from the centralized stranglehold and repression of the North that continues to this day.

"They" would rather have you believe that war was "civil" to civilize humanity and free slaves, not that half the civilians wanted to be freed from the centralized tyranny. Most white folks didn't own slaves or profit by them, just as most people today don't own corporations, yet some fools will defend capitalist rights to suppress, deceive, exploit, and even them or others like them.