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I want there to be diversity in the media ownership instead of 5 companies owning 95% of everything... Like enforcement of anti-trust laws would be a good start

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It just the problem of 5 big companies?

I DISAGREE...People, mostly "the first caregiver" chose to go to work instead of passing their own culture to the next generation, remember the first time we contact those "shit culture"?The stupid Disney, the food industry. Are the mothers want to save their own time to breastfeeding there for the baby formula can such successful, and then they put tons of sugar into the baby formula, lead to the obesity pandemic. (Our eating habits are controlled by the taste of breastmilk, most of us didn't feed 2 years of breastmilk, it's the WHO standard, it's was 4 years breastfeeding in 300 years ago)

Since they don't want to take care of their own kids, they use the kid shows to take care of kids, therefore the organic culture doesn't pass on but they're the kids of Disney and Hasbro. And feeding the junk food to their own child, don't teach them how to avoid junk food.

They saved their time for themselves to earn money, they don't care the well being of the next generation actually's just not the problem of a few big companies. It’s the result of the sheer selfish of most people.