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"This is shit-brained, this kind of thinking" : )
Terence McKenna really had a way with words!

Thanks magnora7,
I like everything you post, your head is in a good place

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Thanks. McKenna was a genius that few took the time to listen to. He's worth listening to if anyone is. :)

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Shit-brained had me smiling too

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  1. Had! The manifestation of Nuit.

  2. The unveiling of the company of heaven.

  3. Every man and every woman is a star.

  4. Every number is infinite; there is no difference.

~ Liber-al

This says the same thing as the quote imho, as to put into context the dreaded:

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

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Yes, but culture is not avoidable unless you want to live all hermitly on a mountaintop somewhere.

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Even then, you will end up creating your own.

Culture is part of life.

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There are also degrees of engagement, and not all culture is created equal

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just take shrooms and get up your own ass by yourself bro

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Modern culture is certainly not your friend, that is true.

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Organic culture is the obvious enemy of the media, and establishment.

Pictorially the meme shows 'the culture of consumerism', which is a reactionary culture; void of any thinking beyond the choices provided for consumption.

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tl,dr; "false happiness". It's not an accident that humans are cultural, we're social creatures. Our evolution to this point is built on being cogs in a machine. We have leaders, followers, planners, implementers, thinkers, doers, etc. This argument is telling people to go against their own nature, and nobody has a right to tell anybody else whether their happiness is true or false.

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I think you're missing the humongous fact, and his main point, that culture isn't organic anymore. It's organized top-down by people looking it exploit the masses. And is thus ultimately unhelpful and is manipulative.

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Organized by who? Who is at the top? How might it have ever been helpful to begin with? What aspects of it are manipulative - are you saying that culture is inherently deceptive?

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By the media, it's 95% owned by only 6 companies.

It might've been helpful when it was genuine information transmission.

It's manipulative because it coerces you to buy things, and act certain ways, that benefit the owners of this country.

Have you really never thought about this stuff? No offense, but these come across as very naive questions

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The media makes money fropm advertising, getting eyes and ears. The way to do that is to feed people the trash they want. The trash they want. You have some fantastical ideal that the people are wholesome, and that if not for the big corperations, people would be dutifully getting their news from PBS and C-Span, getting in four healthy meals a day and investing their money wisely. I hate to tell you, the problem starts with us, not with them.

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Dude you're asleep. You refuse to see the manipulation right in front of us.

We have a problem too. But what they are doing amplifies it to another level.

The way you talk, it's as if you think propaganda can't exist

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Maybe you're referring to advertising specifically. Culture is much more broadly defined than just advertising. Advertizing has been increasingly regulated due to the fact that it can be harmful, such as targeting ads at children, advertising tobacco products, truth in advertizing laws, to name a few.

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Advertising is the worst part of it. But many shows and movies are basically long advertisements in disguise.

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If that were wholly true, movies would be free. Whether a movie gets the green light depends on whether or not it will sell tickets.

I think you're trying to hold a world view that holds the common folk blameless, and lays blame on the elites, but when it comes to human nature, we're all to blame. We're all responsible for what we watch.

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If that were wholly true, movies would be free.

Why would they want to make less money?

I don't think common folk are blameless. I just think people at the top are more to blame. They create the corporate culture we all consume, which guides our values.

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Advertising is the worst part of it. But many shows and movies are basically long advertisements in disguise.

It's free, google "torrents".

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This reads like a madlib.

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Probably only because you don't fully understand what he's getting at. I find things I don't fully understand often come across more as confusing than they actually are

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create your own culture Culture is not your friend