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Honestly, I do a lot for people in my family, and my fiance. It's people outside of my immediate circle, whom I don't seem to care enough about to want to do anything for them. I wish it weren't so but it is.

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It's the American way.

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You can work to change that, if you don't like it.

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I'm the same way. One reason I'm a political liberal is because it seems very unnatural to me to just throw money towards a cause and have no visibility on what happens after that. Honestly, it feels like a waste of money. You could argue the exact same thing happens with social programs, but at least it's out of my hands at that point, and I'm not having to randomly decide how benevolent I want to be towards the universe at any given moment.

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everything we have, for example the computer I am looking at this website, I didn't invent myself, it is from a bunch of people working together to create it and funding from govt plays a big part. I support that march towards positive progress.

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I say hello to others and wish them well, it seems redundant, but on my downside somebody asked me, and talked to me, it made my life okay again. Try to get out more, even a negative douche, they still acknowledged you, and you must be different for that acknowledgment, imo that's good. They will probably go home and tailor themselves to be like you. I'm homeless right now but things couldn't be better after leaving my toxic parents. Cold but nothing like serenity.

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Also my food stamps got cut off and nobody will hire me, so i steal everything, thanks for helping fox news. Guess they really have sex with immigrants and why they get so concerned with their food(people bc they are cannibals)

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Sounds like a big change! Glad you got away from toxic family though, that can really be a killer. And summer is coming so the cold shouldn't last too much longer. I wish you the best, I hope you work out some comfortable arrangements for yourself

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Voting for Democrats.

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Lol as if the Democrat/Republican divide actually mattered and wasn't just a controlled opposition situation to give people the illusion of choice. If you only are inputting on bit of data in to the system every 2 years, you're not really doing much

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If Hillary Clinton had been elected, would the US be pulling out of the Paris Agreement or the nuclear weapons treaty with Russia? Would families be seperated at the border and held indefinitely in detention camps? Would funding still be diverted to a symbolic wall along the border? Just because some people dont feel the pinch of a political outcome doesn't mean it isnt real.

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Lol you honestly think we'd be a on a legitimately different track right now? We'd be on the same track with different window dressing. Still sending billions in military "aid" overseas used to kill tons of people we don't like, for profit.

We'd probably be also in a hot war with russia over Aleppo, because Hillary wanted to create a no-fly zone that Russia said would've definitely led to retaliation because of direct invasion.

We were given two terrible, terrible, options. By design. Military-industrial complex wins either way.

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Just because neither candidate agrees with your radical views on military contraction doesn't mean the whole this is a setup, it just means your views are minority enough that no candidate will take up that position.

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Oh is that why Dwight D Eisenhower spent his entire departing speech talking about how the military-industrial complex is destined to take over the government and we should stop it?

Is that why our infrastructure crumbles, while we spend trillions invading a country most people couldn't even locate on a map?

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So in your view, the military industrial complex is the one and only track that matters, nothing else. In your view, there are no other issues. Health care, NOPE! Immigration, NOPE! Tax rates, NOPE!

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It's the most important thing because it gets an insane amount of funding, and kills millions of people. Everything else is small potatoes distractions by comparison. I don't want my tax dollars overwhelmingly going toward mass murder and imperialism. So yes, it matters the most.

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Some would say our presence around the world stablizes regions for our benefit as well as theirs. I'm sure there are shades of gray, but nevertheless, this is a single issue, and the two sides are only the same insofar as you have a little or no concern for all of those other issues.

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Some would say our presence around the world stablizes regions for our benefit as well as theirs.

And many, many, many others would disagree. Especially the people in Iraq, Yemen, Iran, Syria, and most of central and south America.

But you're right, I'm sure those with huge unquestionable power over us are working for the great good of everyone and aren't just selfish power-seekers. You're probably right