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I realize Abby Martin is speaking the truth and wants to awaken the masses to their plight but when I hear her speak so eloquently, I have impure thoughts. She is so tightly wound and I fervently want to help her relax if only for a short time. Am I bad father?

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In my fantasy, she continues to espouse truth while I give her relaxation therapy. Don't stop Abby.

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To each, his own.

She covers some heavy topics.

Not exactly pillow talk.

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Yeah, sometimes I'd just stick a sock in her mouth and put duct tape over it. Just joking Abby, now get on the waterbed.

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She can torture my genitals anytime.

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Pervert! Goto the back of the line! /s

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In all seriousness, talking about Hillary Clinton is like pontificating what sort of president Jeb Bush would have been. It no longer has relevance to modern politics. The DNC even went through a major overhaul after it/they realized that their own cronyism resulted in putting up a losing crony candidate, so she is gone, and even her ghost is gone.

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I totally agree.

I would have liked a better meme. This is the one I found. I could make some if there were some great quotes. Her work speaks for itself. Obviously she's popular. I guess it was just an Abby Martin awareness/tribute post.

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The Democrats have not reformed, and the Clinton's are like Voldemort.

There is an army of insiders who are desperate to sabotage actual progress.

The only difference is that both political parties are now fractured, so hope for progress still exists.

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Hillary was correct when she compared herself to Cerce from Game Of Thrones.

A New Hope.

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Hopefully, she's the last of a dynasty.

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how about all the smart beautiful interesting women hillary's corrupt lifelong campaign displaced and destroyed all so she could be the one to break the glass ceiling? we know what she did to bernie.

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Jason sounds like you went on an empire files binge, huh?

You should check out Robbie Martin's documentary American Anthrax on the anthrax attacks immediately after 9/11.

He lets the media tell the story in their own statements, and in the context of the timeline.

It ushered in the Patriot act. It's one of the most successful false flags in history, IMO.

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Nope. Abby Martin was just on The Jimmy Dore Show.

I looked to see if there was any fake porn of her. Only 1. Found other stuff. Also Empire Files has funding and is producing again. I have 2 videos yet to watch and post if they're worthy (little doubt) unless someone beats me to it.

I'm very familiar with Robbie's great under-viewed work.