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Carl Sagan was an idiot who had no real grasp of cosmology nor of astronomy, whose input set the stage for the Flat Earth push of today.

Michael Servetus and Giordano Bruno who expanded on their works were burned at the stake in the 16th Century .. we say the Calvinists and Inquisitors who burnt those two were financed by the same Zionist banking cartel that is behind the Flat Earth brigade, which raised know-nothing wankers Sagan and Stephen Hawking from zero to hero.

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TIL Sagan gets a lot of hate.

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Yeah wtf is going on here, lol

I think some people have been bamboozled too long, LOL

Dr_Funkenstein hates "the amazing wonders of science!" and Quasiman has obviously never seen the original Cosmos

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Yeah people tend to forget Dr. Sagan was not only one of the best and brightest amongst his peers at the time, but also a first rate writer, presenter and lecturer.

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Carl Sagan, Black Science Guy, Bill Nye... they're all the same.

Actors. Show business. Phony smiles. Bland reassurances. TV personalities.

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I always got the feeling he wasn't trying to sell "the truth," he was pushing people to question, which is the very essence of science. True science won't stop and accept an absolute certainty, because it always is questioning itself.

And yes, he was a TV personality and while one shouldn't buy what tv is selling, I just never felt that he was disingenuous. But I could be wrong.

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I hate all TV personalities. Especially "the amazing wonders of science!" kind.