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Yeah maybe ..

Paul Bonacci said he murdered Nicholas at the Bohemian Grove while Hunter S Thompson filmed, Rusty Nelson says HST paid him 100,000 dollar$ a time to film snuff killings to the tune of around fifty dead. Link.

The Jeff Gannon is Johnny Gosch story broke 2:29 am Sunday February 20, 2005 the day RN was released from prison, by the end of the day Hunter S Thompson aged 67 years was dead from an allegedly self inflicted gunshot.

Postulate when Nelson got out of prison he contacted a news reporter and spoke of HST, snuff porn and the Johnny Gosch alleged abduction, the newsman got in touch with Thompson who agreed to talk if the money was right, to establish his credentials he verified the Gannon / Gosch material

The reporter contacted his boss to see if he wanted to pay for the story like maybe it went as high as Rupert Murdoch or Ted Turner, whoever it was decided Thompson "had to go," he was an insider after all since Nelson and Bonacci had both testified he was part of the snuff network.

After that Thompson realized what he had done and knew his fate was sealed, his wife recounts he had no intentions of committing suicide however he was certain he could be "suicided" .. she was speaking with him on the telephone and said she heard a muffled bang, she remained waiting for his reply which never came.

Thompson does not appear to have committed suicide, the gun he allegedly used was a Smith & Wesson model 645 that had 6 rounds in the magazine and an empty chamber, which can never occur since after firing the weapon ejects the spent cartridge and loads another round. DemocraticUnderground.

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From a guy who likes to kill.