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This is coming up so the dems have something to help them win in the mid term elections. Could also be to eliminate the “my body, my choice” so the unvaxxed people can be forcefully jabbed, probably at gun point and held down by multiple medical police.

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Biden’s views on abortion rights have shifted since then [1974]. In 2007, for example, Biden was given a 0% score by the (pro-life) National Right to Life Committee and a 75% score by the NARAL Pro-Choice America. “I accept church rule personally, but not in public life,” he said in October 2012. On 25 April 2019, the anti-abortion Life Site News website announced Biden’s candidacy this way: “Pro-abortion Joe Biden announces entry into 2020 presidential race.”

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Always defending the powerful, this account.

The source is the New York Times.

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Noting the facts is not defending anyone. You should know the facts. Stop defending idiots who post misleading Tweets. And to say that Biden is the actual power behind anything is - you have to admit - really dumb.

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Noting the facts is not defending anyone.

Joe Biden is being defended. This is wrong and bad. "FYI it’s not okay to be a grown adult at the end of the year 2021 and still believe Joe Biden is a good president." -- Caitlyn Johnstone

You should know the facts.

The facts are that Joe Biden said this, and the New York Times reported it. Are you doubting the New York Times' truth-telling ability?

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well the ny times did lie about iraq WMDs

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They reported the evaluation of the intelligence community. The New York Times would never lie.

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nah they did lie, and this was the beginning of people not trusting the MSM anymore

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FFS - he said it in 1974, and has said many things in the past few decades, many of which show that he's not exactly the same now as he was in 1974. Regardless of whether he believes or doesn't believe in the comment taken out of the 1974 context, you should not try to be dishonest about a quotation that's decades old. Instead, say that he said it in 1974. It's really simple. Try to be honest, Chipit.

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Defending Biden again. Extremely sus. Extremely.

Since when do politicians get a break from saying things? Biden is Catholic, this is how Catholics think. He's lying. And you're helping him lie. Doesn't that feel dirty?

Go check the want ads. There are better jobs out there than this.

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No - Chipit - I'm just pointing out that comments made 47 years ago, and approaches since then, are important to put into context. Much of the disinformation on Saidit is based on information taken out of its original condext. This is not related to Biden, but to the foolishness of people posting and upvoting lies. I would also point this out if it happened to a Trump comment about 'grab them by the pussy' or whatever. Indeed, Trump is the perfect gentleman today, and would never grab someone by the pussy.

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How is this relevant? Anyone that pays attention to politicians is already aware of this. Are you sharing it for those that aren’t aware or are you attempting to make some vague point?

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People post snopes links to prove they're leftist shills. That dude and his prostitute gf are paid whores.

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Enough with the name-calling, Node (and I cannot return the favor or I'd get "a strike" from d3rr). If you don't have an argument or evidence, posting insults will merely show that you've not bothered to think about or understand the discussion. Regarding Snopes, consider their evidence on a case-by-case basis, and if you wish, respond to that evidence.

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It says why it's relevant.

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It really doesn’t.

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Is history unimportant to you?

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This particular persons history, no. He’s not even self aware, so what people are saying is bullshit. It’s all political moves and countermoves.

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The person is unimportant.

At issue: the Roe v. Wade comment in 1974 and how that approach changed over time, and how Roe v Wade is now another political football

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Now you’re just twisting words around to seem like you’re making a point, but you’re just saying the same shit I’ve already said.

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Its a shill

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Look, Goo Messiah: you responded to my post about, "Biden’s views on abortion rights have shifted since then [1974]" by asking, "how is this relevant?" Then you responded to , "is history unimportant to you?" with "this particular persons history, no." To this I responded with a comment that's similar to, "views on abortion rights have shifted since then [1974]." Do you see what's relevant here? We now have a much better understanding - as does Biden - about the importance of Roe v Wade than we did in 1974. The OP's comment is taken way out of context. Get it? Now - in order to get a few votes from "Christian" knuckle draggers (not the actual Christians), right-wing asshats have now packed the Supreme Court with political hacks who have no concept of basic ethics so that they can overturn Roe v Wade. See why this statement by the OP is popular among the American Taliban? Now be a good Goo Messiah and ask women what they think of abortion laws.

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based brandon

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based brandon

shocking u/popper is going to post something stupid

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well do you disagree that he was based with his anti abortion views?

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see previous reply

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I'll take that as a yes

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It's true, just poorly worded. Women ought to get some sense of responsibility, life bearing implies you're bearing ANOTHER body, not yours.

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It's Joe Biden, who complained about the "racial jungle". I have a feeling he meant what he said.

Democrats used to support exactly the same things they constantly accuse Republicans of.

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I prefer Chad vintage Biden. Maybe he'll revert when the senility gets worse!

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Can't have anyone thinking for themselves about anything in the COVID era..?

That just doesn't suit their BS narrative!

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Right conclusion for a really wrong reason. This is like the pro-choicers' strawman of pro-lifers as misogynists.

Of course it comes from the mouth of Joe Biden, a Democrat, one of their own.

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Abortion is a difficult issue

On the one hand, I love killing babies. However, I also hate the idea of giving women a choice.

Ive come to the only natural conclusion

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See what happens if you let Catholics have rights like real people.

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The pope is satan

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Seems more likely that the pope is just an employee of satan.

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Traditionally he's the antichrist.

Every time there's a new pope extremist protestants have to admit they were mistaken, the last pope was just a dick and it is in fact the latest pope who is the real antichrist.

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How dare he agree with Republicans.

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He also didn't think Tara Reade had the sole right to say what happened to her body...

Never forget who these people are when the mask is off.

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Roe versus Wade was controversial for two reasons.

First it made abortion a Federal issue when it had previously been a local issue, with different laws in different states.

Second it de facto made the Supreme Court into an indirectly elected legislature, like the Senate was before the 17th Amendment. Nobody bothers with Article 5 any more, the focus is on getting the right people onto the Supreme Court.

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article 5 is tough, need 3/4 of people voting in house and senate or state legislatures. No one bothered with it since 1933 when they made alcohol legal again which is a popular thing.

Supreme court did get roe v wade wrong before simply because murder should obviously be illegal. States rights make sense but should certain states be allowed to make murder legal? Maybe I guess. But it's something the supreme court would rule on if one did it then someone sued the state.

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Article 5 is subtle. Consider an issue that is controversial, but equally so in every state. 51% for 49% against in all 50 states. It sails through the ratification process without difficulty. Contrast that is an issue that is geographically divisive. Approved in some states, rejected in others. An amendment on such a topic could be blocked by 25% of the states. If those are low population states, it could be blocked by well under 25% of the population. I think that is genius. Amendments that don't set state against state are easy. Amendments that do set state against state are hard. Just what you need to hold the country together.

should certain states be allowed to make murder legal?

To the extent that the case is obvious, the State and Federal levels should agree. No need for federalization. But then we get to tricky edge cases. Was it murder or self-defense? Was it murder or just a citizens arrest gone wrong? Federalization looks really bad here. It puts an end to the business of saying: that other state does it better, we should copy. Notice what happens when a federal reform goes bad. People just say: times changed, it wasn't that the reform made things worse. You cannot cheat like that when a state level reform goes bad, because other states don't suffer from "times change".

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I guess the Left finally realized that banning abortion is in their interest because this prevents irresponsible morons from limiting their offspring, thereby producing more Leftist morons. Of course the Right is always too stupid to know what is their self-interest.

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there is self interest and then there is right and wrong

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another great u/chipit submission. he said that in the early 70s. the only thing more shitty and stupid than thinking presidents do anything, is posting out of context meme threads from the early 70s.

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I think on things like this one never really changes their mind, and it's no coincidence that now with Biden as president we finally have the end of roe v wade. Likely a long term plan of his.