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my biggest concern. that this is the second such event in 80 years

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Where as you see the history, I only see the quote.

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Peiper was convicted in the Malmedy massacre trial and sentenced to death. The sentence was commuted, with Peiper serving twelve years in prison. Peiper was accused of committing the Boves massacre in Italy; the investigation was closed due to insufficient evidence that he directly issued the order to kill civilians. After his release from prison, Peiper worked for both Porsche and Volkswagen before moving to France, where he worked as a freelance translator. Throughout, he maintained frequent, albeit discreet, contact with his SS network, including HIAG, a Waffen-SS lobby group. Peiper was murdered in France in July 1976, after his identity as an SS member and war criminal had been publicized there.

A relatively insignificant combat leader, Peiper achieved cult status among those who romanticize the Waffen-SS.[1] With his good looks and a multitude of awards, Peiper came to represent the image of the daring Panzer divisions.[2] The admiration continues to the 2020s, with the official Facebook account of the United States Department of Defense featuring a glamorized picture of Peiper to commemorate the 2019 anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge.[3][4][5] The Waffen-SS historian Jens Westemeier stated that, "Peiper was an embodiment of the Nazi ideology and an egocentric, ruthless commander who ignored his own losses and created a culture within his unit where war crimes were not only tolerated but expected."[6]

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Poor guy, that sucks to finally find a quiet place then get fucking murdered by some jew lover

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That history was written by the winners

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his -story vs her a say

in 10 years, trump really will have ordered executions of people on the streets as his white supremacist armies, with their kekistan flag, murdered liberals in democrat cities before the elections.

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Sometimes history is rewritten by the losers to obfuscate the past. And often as not the victors write down the history correctly. We can also take in the wrong lessons from history, drawing comparison based on over simplified appearances.

Interesting quote I suppose. But like most quotes meant to provide a lesson, it portrays a useful principle with wide applications, but can not be relied on as factual in every situation.

It may also suffer from it's translation. And can be weaponized as propaganda.

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History shouldn't ever be describe as good or bad, but as cause and outcome.

When opinions are added to history, then it isn't history anymore, but politics.

History of demographic census and law tend to be more free from biais than the history of events because events are wrote by the victor.

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This isn't true though.

There are plenty of whinny, bitter histories written by losers who can't admit the real reasons why they lost. Reddit is full of references to them and they are very popular in woke academia at the moment.

You get a hand full of decent ones and they are well respected pretty much across the board.

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the history of Hitler's "final solution": relocation of jews to Madagascar. Not seen that getting much recognition.