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He can start that process right now- "Go get a razor blade Your High-ness, I'll show you the way"

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Why does population reduction always get portrayed as mass murder? That is not the way. That is certainly not the only way. Why doesn't he use his power to stop mass migration? Why is his country importing millions of people who will have dozens of kids while on welfare? Why is he participating in the reduction of the average IQ which will lead to higher total population sizes, fewer innovations, more wasteful lifestyles, and more environmental damage? His wish of a smaller population is totally eclipsed by his lust for power and control through the use of diversity as a weapon against the lower classes. Divide them, control them, and keep them off balance and fighting each other.

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    Stereotypes exist for a reason. No one is under the impression that it is a law. People who claim that stereotypes are wrong because they are not 100% accurate 100% of the time do so because the are dishonest and simply want to deny the reality that stereotypes expose. It is a fact that white people have fewer kids. It is a fact that immigrants have a much higher birth rate in western countries, particularly those who live on welfare because they get more welfare the more kids they have and they don't have jobs to occupy the majority of their time like everyone else. So stop clutching your pearls and acknowledge reality.

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    Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

    Husband of the Queen of England, and father of Prince Charles

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    Usurper of Edinburgh, more like

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    One just needs to look at him to know he's inbred, you don't need to spell it out.