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This is extremely relevant to my worldview in 2020.
In 2015 I worked at a beautiful orchard, in hard-cider production.
I enjoyed it for a while... but then I started to see the evil side of alcohol(ism).
One of The Most addictive, destructive, soul-sucking activities and substances . . . . AND IT IS EVERYWHERE!

Once I started to recognize it for what it was - poison to the people - I could not stop seeing it
and it became sadly obvious that there were trendy new bars and breweries in every direction.

I could ramble on and on about this for days, lol

Life is what we make of it. and it is so so so much better without poison. Peace to everyone.

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Why does anyone get addicted to anything? We have a trauma based society pushing excess, consumption, and perpetual suffering without solutions. With balance there would be fewer extremes.

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I think it has more to do with genetics and the way our brains work. Addicts are born with that potential. Which is unfortunate, since that means it can't be cured, at least not with our current abilities. The gene they believe may be responsible is the same one as causes insomnia, and indeed a shocking number of alcoholics are insomniacs. A lot of us start drinking because at first it puts us to sleep. Now it's like drinking a cup of coffee, booze wakes me up.

The idea that anyone could have one drink, and be satisfied, is foreign to me. I think just as foreign as my amount of drinking would be to a normal person. I couldn't drink like I do in active addiction if I got hangovers for example. That's another "quirk" of alcoholics.

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Genetics is part. Trauma is part. Sensitivity is part. There are a lot of elements.

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Not to mention one of the most toxic as it has to pass through almost every organ directly, as opposed to other substances that have one point of entry (membrane or vein) into the bloodstream

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    Some people are genetically prone to alcoholism, and others can not assimilate it properly. If your body can not metabolize alcohol, then yes, it is poison. such as in the case of native Americans who should not drink more than a single serving at a time.

    Nutrition plays a key factor in this as well. I would get into details on what I consider a diet that supports a healthy life style, but many aspects of which would be considered heresy to modern conventions.

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    I worked at a headshop in my youth and I had a similar experience. Once I started seeing what drugs were doing to the customers I didn't want to be a part of it anymore.

    I am a former drug addict and these days I deal with alcoholism. I don't think I could ever be content with sobriety, there's just a part of me that's not satisfied otherwise. The trick is trying to stay in moderation. It works sometimes, not so well others. It's something I just have to deal with.

    So I get how these people feel, but it doesn't mean I want to contribute to it.

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    There are many foods and substances that when ingested in excess are toxic or poisonous to the body, but when used in moderation are just fine and not harmful.

    So yes, when alcohol is consumed in excess or compulsively it certainly is poison, but when used in moderation it is not. As far as being harmful to the soul or being a sin, there have been many spiritual and religious leaders who have imbibed in alcohol. Jesus turned water into wine.

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    What a load of shit.

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    Tolstoy was commenting on vodka in turn of last century Russia.

    He was an enthusiastic drinker when he was young but as he grew older he increasingly became enamored with self improvement and LARPing as an aesetic, much to the chagrin of his long suffering wife.

    A terrible trailer but great movie if anyone is interested in watching a film based on an event in the life of Tolstoy.

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    Gosh, I saw that a while ago. I'd forgotten.

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    Thank you for the link, though I am not one for periods piece films, nor drama. I find my own life concerning enough to bother getting wrapped up in some one else's.

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    I saw the "How Vodka ruined Russia" video as well.

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    According to Anne Williamson, Harvard Business School ruined Russia. Here's part of her testimony to US Congress.


    In the matter before us – the question of the many billions in capital that fled Russia to Western shores via the Bank of New York and other Western banks – we have had a window thrown open on what the financial affairs of a country without property rights, without banks, without the certainty of contract, without an accountable government or a leadership decent enough to be concerned with the national interest or its own citizens’ well-being looks like. It’s not a pretty picture, is it? But let there be no mistake, in Russia the West has truly been the author of its own misery. And there is no mistake as to who the victims are, i.e. Western, principally U.S., taxpayers and Russian citizens’ whose national legacy was stolen only to be squandered and/or invested in Western real estate and equities markets. [Cont...]

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    It's much less harmful if you take in proper nutrition along with the alcohol. I wouldn't as much blame Vodka for Russia's ills, as I would the poverty, and malnutrition.

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    I was just referring to the fact he posted this quote from the video just published here by the same OP.

    But if you do watch the video, you'll see that while alcohol wasn't what caused poverty/malnutrition, it's the systematic social pressure (on the peasants) to consume Vodka is largely what created a feedback loop of poverty and alcoholism.
    The business of selling Vodka to peasants was so profitable, by the way, that the ruling class made themselves a monopoly in that business, often granting production rights as exceptional rewards to nobility (as it was just that profitable).
    I could go more about this, but it's all in the 10 minute video.

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    There's actually some really interesting context behind this quote. Obviously the quote speaks for itself, but it's more than just a quote from Tolstoy.

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    Strongly disagree. :)

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    and why?

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    Because I like alcohol in moderate amounts. As a proverb from some country goes: alcohol is the best medicine and the worst poison. My comment was half joking and half true. I think Endless will understand.

    I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken out of me. — Winston Churchill

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    It is quite literally a poison - It's toxic for your liver. You should see what the liver of a life-long alcoholic looks like in comparison to one from a healthy person.

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    Beer kept our ancestors alive, and alcohol, for better or worse, is part of our heritage.

    Do people go to far? Yes, and that's abuse, and sad. Should it be banned? I'm sure the Moslems would love that. To hell with that idea.

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    Sounds like he never read the miracle of our Savior turning water into wine.

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      I remember when I took my shahada, my declaration of faith in the religion of Islam...

      As soon as we were finished with the shahada, two men approached me in the masjid and gave me a short lesson.

      They told me that there are two things that will destroy a civilization...

      1) liquor

      2) loose women

      Video: Shpend Limani & Selma Bekteshi - الله All-llah الله

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      That's true. Alcohol is not good for both of body and mental health bing maps. When you are drunk, it will lead to bad behaviors and uncoltrolled actions.

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      I like this quote very much, it is suitable for all connections times and should be known and pondered by everyone especially alcoholics

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      The article provided me with a new perspective on a topic I thought suika game was already familiar with.

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      I completely agree with this point of view, but why is alcohol still allowed to be produced and sold? Why not replace it with bad ice cream

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