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Says the same guy who put my Afrikaans ancestors in concentration camps killing the majority of all Boer children. You should reassess your idols, because Churchill is one of the reasons for the condition of the western world.

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Lord Kitchener has got to be your favorite

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Equating socialism with marxist, communist ideologies is COMMUNIST PROPAGANDA. That cigar-sucking war pig Churchill was feeding you COMMUNIST PROPAGANDA which is unsurprising, given that he chose to side with communism over what would free the world of that extremely evil system.

And look, you are quoting him repeating COMMUNIST PROPAGANDA thinking it makes you anti-communist. Oh, the irony is too much.

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War-pig? Were those Russian planes over London? Fool

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Perhaps you should study ACTUAL history instead of just the propaganda about the past.

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If your ACTUAL history books tell you Russia declared war against UK and flew bombing raids over Coventry you can keep it because you are the real propagandist. Are you a socialist, too?

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I am definitely a socialist. Communism is abhorrent and anti-human. I stand ABSOLUTELY against it.

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Socialism in the economy is flawed because it assumes the the person who currently operates the forklift can also run the company successfully . People are not the same

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But that's not socialism, that's COMMUNISM. You are confused. And it's not surprising, given the century-long PsyOp to change the meaning of the word socialism in order to brainwash people into conflating socialism with communism.

Literally, the first expression of any kind of relationship between socialism and communism was Karl Marx, a communist. Your definition of socialism is COMMUNIST PROPAGANDA. Before Marx, the leading socialists were anarchists and libertarians. How much more opposed to communism can anybody be, than anarchists and libertarians? It's pretty much the other end of the spectrum.

And yet, here we are, with a big part of the English-speaking population subject to a language-operated lobotomy preventing them from thinking the full spectrum of socioeconomic thought.

I. Definition Socialism is an economic philosophy based on the need for regulations on capitalism. Unchecked capitalism, most economists agree, can create serious problems in the long term, since short-term personal profit does not motivate companies to take care of infrastructure, the environment, or their workers. Socialists emphasize this fact and argue that only the government can solve the problems created by capitalism. Other economic philosophies generally acknowledge the problem, but advocate other solutions to it, while only a few extremists deny that there is any problem with absolute capitalism.

Although many people think that socialism and capitalism are completely incompatible systems, the fact is that most developed nations operate on a combination of both. For example, nearly every major city in the developed world has some system of government-run public transportation, such as bus lines or a subway. There are also laws against child labor, unsafe workplaces, and reckless pollution, and government programs that help provide education, food, and healthcare to the poor. All of these are socialist ideas that exist in relative harmony with capitalist economies. Capitalism vs. socialism is a question of balance, not an “either/or” question.


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Good government can indeed curtail abuses of people by other people but you assume members of government are good, not corrupt and sordid who will do the same as ‘unchecked capitalism.’ Now you a socialist answer this: how is the price of rice determined in a Socialist economy? Some government stooge sitting in an office who knows nothing of rice

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There is no such thing as a "socialist economy". Where the hell are you getting these delirious ideas? As I wrote above, in the world we have CAPITALIST and we have COMMUNIST economies. Personally, I can't see anything even remotely good about the communist system, so it is fair to say I am very pro-capitalism. I am also very pro-socialism. They aren't mutually exclusive, THEY WORK HAND IN HAND.

If you know nothing about a topic, please don't pick arguments with people who know everything about the topic. It gets REALLY BORING REALLY QUICKLY.

On to the matter of government: Americans are brainwashed to think their crony oligarchy is the very definition of true democracy. It is of course more delirium. True democracy was in Lybia before its "liberation" by the murderers in the US military machine. True democracy still exists in Switzerland.

Search on saidit for "direct democracy" and "switzerland" and you'll find videos explaining how the Swiss people keep their politicians on very short leashes, how said politicians, or rather PUBLIC SERVANTS which is what they should be, are HELD ACCOUNTABLE for what happens on their watch, and how THE PEOPLE can vote in or revoke any proposed or existing bill / law / regulation / executive order / decree / whatever else put out by governments.

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Surprise! There are more than two types of economies that exist in the world you ignorant socialist. Continue your watch from your room with the windows closed and shades drawn. You are so lost you cannot even comment or reply to direct questions only continue this drivel. You just want to pick and choose what you like without benefit of discussion or debate about evidence and facts. If "There is no such thing as a 'socialist economy' what are you carrying on about? What can be accurately described as Socialist? If not an economy then what?

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Who else would put it so poignantly

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What system prevents murder?

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A system where people are free to aim at the best possible life for themselves.

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That describes most of marxism or communism, not necessarily socialism. Because of the way our corporates and capitalist ecosystem works, some amount of socialism is a necessary evil. But its application must be in sync with reduction in income inequalities and not neo-marxist fundamentals like racism, metoo, etc.

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No, some amount of socialism is a necesary good.

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So said the butcher of Bengal.

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Exactly. The number of people quoting that war pig or people like Marx or Stalin as if their word were gospel is sickening.

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Churchill was an alcoholic and sacrificed many poor souls in a feeble attempt to conquer an island in the Dardanelles.

I even think he had some sort of severe narcissism but that is hard to prove.

Never trust an island - which all got their heads shattered by thousand years of incest to some degree. At least not, if you don't know them personally.

That's my principle.

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The inbred alcoholic was right about Socialism though.

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I go with this as far as: "The implementations of it he could see at his times."

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Sorry, have you seen better implementations since? People were eating their pets in Venezuela.

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Because i will not go into all of my own ideas and concepts, i will force myself to write at least this:

There is a lot the whole humanity could learn from Cuba, GDR or Vietnam. Even Finnland made some leaps everyone should look at. All these countries had / have great ideas implemented when they were at their best, before they drifted too far into kleptocracies, except for Finnland, which seems still thriving for me, even though i visited it only for one way too short trip.

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Cuba, GDR or Vietnam

Tell that to the people of those places. Oh you can't because they're all dead.

Finland (spelled correctly)

I don't see any Socialism here unless you foolishly delude yourself into thinking the Nordic Model is Socialism - which it isn't.

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They obviously aren't, so where is the point in your first argument ? They all refuted invasions with a really nice selection of different tactics.

As Finnland also did.

Multiple times. I hope you one day realize where this bug actually is located yourself. Otherwise this message won't stick.

Regarding your second one: There is not one "Nordish" model, there are multiple. So which one you're writing about exactly ?

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As Finnland also did.

Finland. I know you were university "educated" but learn to spell words.

Multiple times. I hope you one day realize where this bug actually is located yourself. Otherwise this message won't stick.

I'm guessing English is not your first language but whatever your first language is - it's shit.

So which one you're writing about exactly ?

The one that uses Market Capitalism to pay for social programs for lazy sub-humans that are taxed at 70%.

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Having an explanation for everything you can't is called Mega-Lo-Mania. Or Narcissism. Your choice.

I know exactly why i wrote FINNland, you don't. So what ?

Even in the try to criticize my language you only proved you understood nothing about German-Finnish-relationsships on a personal level.

Do you even know, how they call themselves in their own language ? Do you know just anything about Swedes ?

Come on: Bring some Jewish lawyers to the the table to throw money at us. Guess what: They won't make it too far in both countries.

You obviously don't, because your tactics are as shitty, as they ever could be in understanding Europe.

There are old brothers in arms here you most def will never even see.

But we're watching you trough a scope very closely .

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As a European, didn't your parents explain to you how many people Socialism killed? Or were you hatched? Or are you parents communists and partially responsible? Go ask them.

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Of course, that's what socialism is.

But there has been a century long PsyOp to brainwash people with the COMMUNIST PROPAGANDA that equates socialism with communism, to prevent people from learning the greatness of socialism.

And it's worked! Look at you!

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So move to Venezuela then where you can eat your pets and empty the zoos.

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Thanks, but I live in Canada which is socialist enough for my needs.

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Here Gad Saad reads it to you because reeding is hard

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Enjoy the gulag commie.

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Now that's where you're exactly wrong at. (here is an empty sentence located) . But since you wanna take this personal, i won't get into details.

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I'm just pointing out that you'll end up eating your pets like the Venezuelans had to.

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You can't even point. You never had a real war on your ground.

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That's right. We didn't invent idiot ideologies like Marxism. We're just slowly still learning how terrible an ideology it is.

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That has zero to do with socialism. The banksters can sink any nation that disagrees with living under their boot. That's what happened.

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They nationalized all the businesses and tanked their own supply chains. Come up with a better conspiracy theory.

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Ah, so they went COMMUNIST. I see.

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OK so some shithead writes something, cherry-picking some aspects while leaving others out and paints a picture with half the colors. Very very cute. I never wrote that the Canadian system wasn't broken, especially TODAY.

It all began when Pierre Elliott Trudeau, yes, the daddy of our current clown-in-chief, Justin TURDeau, sold the country into slavery to the banksters. Since then, things have gotten progressively worse, which is absolutely unsurprising.

I am and will always remain opposed to representative politics, and that's the system we have in Canada, similar to other "democracies" that are actually crony oligarchies. Switzerland has a direct democracy system, one that can be hugely improved upon, yet their system keeps the politicians on very short leashes, makes them accountable and more.

Because you see, no matter how people like you require extremely simplified discourse, economics don't exist in a vacuum.