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How do we stop it?

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You can't. Revolutions are controlled and planned and any revolution will be used against you. Unless the CIA, NSA, FBI, pretty much everthing is gutted, every single politician removed and everyone with ties to AIPAC gone nothing will change. Your congress is bought and paid for, and if they aren't they're blackmailed. This is public knowledge now and nobody cares. Nobody gives a shit. Your ally is not only pulling the strings on your government, it literally owns them. You might aswell view the US congress as the Israeli embassy by this point.

Same goes for the UK. Until the rot known as Mossad and Israeli zionists are removed, nothing will change and Europe and the US will continue on a trajectory of self-destruction. Millions will have to suffer and die so Israel can be comfortable, just like the early 2000s.

We're all pawns for Israel. That's what the world is. The media is a smoke and mirrors show for Israel, non Jews are cattle for Israel, the middle east is Israel's playground. The EU is Israel's dangerous un co-operative neighbour and the US is the war factory. Every country is slowly being brought into line via racial propaganda and MK Ultra shootings such as New Zealand, one of the only countries left that has relaxed gun ownership laws.

It's a win for everyone at the top, the elite get a globalized new world order due to the carnage and Israel is safe once again.

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Are you new around here? Anyway I for one am glad to see you here, with views that match mine at least in this regard. Cheers.

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Been here for quite a while now, 8 months apparently. Cheers.

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The battleground is free speech. Their game is to censor everyone and to avoid conversations at any costs. If we can somehow push back on this front, and have companies follow, we might at least win the cultural side of things.

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Print out history when you recognize it as such. Save speech challenging the narrative.

Buy DRM-free, and back it up, so you can access it in 2040 to show your grandkids how little we could understand each other.

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I think he saw a pattern. There is a common idea that if one person or a small group of people have too much power, they might become corrupt. Similarly, certain patterns exist which are likely to occur in specific contexts even if that context exists in a system with variations (like time difference from medeival time to the present time). Some examples of his "stories" coming true are the Newspeak, Animal Farm.

Human history gets erased when libraries are attacked- Library of Alexandria, Nalanda University Library, etc. One thing that everyone needs to acknowledge is that mistakes will be repeated if you forget history. With my limited knowledge, I feel that by removing the statues of Columbus, you are more likely to forget how the lands were colonised. That is probably not entirely true since libraries exist along with other sources (which will also probably be removed from existence eventually)

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Given how prone Wikipedia is to manipulation, coupled with the fact that everything is online now, I think it's safe to say that actual BOOKS are going to get more rare, and fall apart, turning history to dust.

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Humans are more prone to conflict and destruction than surviving by co-existing (tbf all animals try to ascert dominance in the food pyramid; but we seem to push our luck).

It is only a matter of time, probably millions of years, before "natural selection" eliminates our species enirely (I'm not an expert in "specieology" or whatever it is called, I do not remember at the moment).

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I disagree. You include bipedal human-looking parasites in your definition of "human". Honest mistake and understandable. But remove those, and people just want to get on with their lives in peace.

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So Mr. Orwell was indeed a prophet?

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No they're using him as a playbook because they lack imagination amongst other things.

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I think not so much a prophet or a writer of a playbook, he was describing things he saw in the USSR and in UK society. Those countries already apparently had a playbook, or modus operandi for what they were doing, essentially trying to rewrite history.