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For the record: I don't agree with Nixon's assertions. Nixon is a racist, bigotted schmuck. He's a legit Cysmale.

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If you identify as a man but are not a transsexual man, you're a cisman.

So you should have said: White cismale with a desert nose.

Though Racist and Bigoted cover the negative load imho.

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I didn't want to appear racist by pointing out that he is white.

Also, I had no idea that cismale is a real term.

I recently heard about it form Norm MacDonald, and I thought he was making it up to mess with Stephen Merchant.
Norm MacDonald is a genius.

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Yeah I saw, therefor I thought You'ld have known.

Norm is too grounded to make stuff up, he baffles with reality.

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It's a word that's been growing in popularity the last decade or so:

But his short definition... "It's a way of marginalizing normal people" is pretty accurate