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ehhhh she is part of establishment too, she is quite dumb, just a hot woman, similar to omar and AOC, the job is to say common sense things then say other supid things to get them all grouped together. Like legit conspiracy theories like jfk and 9/11 getting grouped by alex jones with aliens and religious shit. Why is Tulsi appearing on Colbert and what should she have expected from this guy based on his history. When Colbert said Assad gassed his own people as if it was a fact why did she not question that.

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getting grouped by alex jones with aliens and religious shit.

Oh she says stuff like that?

Interesting. Yeah I thought she was agreeing with the CIA report about assads gassing to just try and win some people over on the larger point, to show she doesn't completely distrust the agencies, for those viewers who are still naive enough to have full faith in the agencies. But it could be a limited hangout situation. But still, the anti-war stuff is a big deal. That's a no-no. Who else goes on prime tv and talks about mossad arming ISIS? Almost no one. That alone is worthy of praise even if she's not perfect.

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not exactly like that, just an example of what is called a limited hangout. a psy op. Tulsi doesn't talk aliens but what she did here was go on colbert, and she goes on other political shows on cnn and foxnews to be the designated hot girl to flip flop on issues.

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Interesting theory. I will watch to see if she takes a pro-war stance elsewhere.

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I used to really like the Colbert Report. It was insightful and funny. However now Colbert is just a Democrat talking-points pusher. It's upsetting. I can't stomach his show now. I love late night shows too. Here he can't even side with a democrat, because she's not following the correct pro-war narrative. Fucking sad.