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Reddit has been a psyop for years already so more of the same is coming.

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In this entire thing I noticed that they are streamlining it specifically for that purpose.

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they killed Aaron Swartz ..

that was the end of reddit and the beginning of the psyop

or it was just stage 1 of the psyop

fuck i loved stage 1

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I wouldn't be at all surprised if this was happening. Reddit by design, intentional or not, is a censorship system where the operators are granted complete control with no transparency whatsoever. What is that old saying, "Absolute power corrupts, absolutely."?

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Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. — Lord Acton (1834–1902

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Reddit sucks. It has always been biased and censored but has gotten so much worse in recent years that I find it of no use or interest at all anymore. Used to be a daily user as it was at least a place to see some fun posts and some news, but now it's just a cesspool of trans groomers.

As its usage dwindles, so does its power as a tool of persuasion.

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Reddit is under total dictatorship. From trannyfag peddos, moderators and bots. If you say anything against the agenda you are either shadow banned or permanently banned.

Seemingly innocent jokes or straight facts. Are enough to get Stasi to put the squeeze on you.

The main agenda. Keep people confused, weak, ignorant, scared, obedient and most important of all PAYING TAX while accepting the hegemony paradigm.

They are redefining language and trumpeting out lies as irrefutable facts. They are making things which used to be the interest of a few disenfranchised perverts. Into the new normal. They are using AI to predict behavior and tailoring the main stream media to herd the flock in the desired direction. Anyone trying to stem the tide is immediately labeled as a terrorist, criminal or crazy.

Reddit is simply one tiny piece in the most sinister puzzle ever laid.

Go on a news diet. Go out into the real world. Interact with real people and do real shit. Consuming random shit on the internet does nothing good for you. Watching the news is a complete waste of time unless you intend to do something about the problems.

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    Whoo boy I didn't even realise they'd gone full retard. But of course they do. Anyway, there's a handful of subs that are critical of this and they are the only ones worth even bothering with. If stupidpol goes, so do I.

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    That's fine.

    Psychological warfare can only affect people with brains.

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    Just now? Lol

    All of the internet is a psyop, though.

    Editing to add:

    I think it's good to point out tactics that they're using as some don't realize how manipulation is done. Just, it's been obvious to many that reddit has been compromised for years now. When Pao took over, things sharply declined. Many said that it was Ohanian that made some of the decisions during that time that upset the community. I think that no matter who was leading reddit, things were going to change.

    The DS can't have that many regular people talking to each other without controls in place. I think that as time progresses the extent of how all sites are infested with a combination of shills, bots, monitors will become more apparent as they push to limit our communications. It's something that we do need to be aware of and pondering on a solution for.

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    You're right.

    Just, reddit has been controlled for a long time so seemed like one of those super obvious posts like a limited hangout would do to where they act like they're giving info, while really it's nothing new and has been known for awhile.

    Edited my comment anyways.

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      It's just going to be whatever the mods want you to see. There are already plenty of users complaining about all these new restrictions but they haven't found out yet as to why this is happening.

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      reddit has always been left leaning. its comment section is not as diverse as twitter. while leftists are able to have an actual foothold on twitter, rightists don't have any actual foothold on reddit.

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      Yeah if you read the twitter files, this seems entirely like what was happening there. And, yes, reddit has been a fuckin propaganda outlet for a hot minute. I stay on like three anti globohomo subs and that's it.

      It seems to me like most platforms have a bot userbase that serves to nudge opinion through consensus.

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      Reddit basically sucks at this point. I'm hoping Elon or maybe Trump buy it soon.

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      Is preparing? Where the hell have you been the last ten years?

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      I just look at the sexy pictures.

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      I wanted to ask something to anyone who has a background in IT.

      Since I was only a user, I could gather only what was visible to me. Are screenshots of any value also as evidence?

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      Care to prove some screenshots of this evidence?