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We agree then that war is horrible (and that is also in agreement with God). I said religion is corrupt. And you obviously agree with me (and God) there again. Remember, Jesus came to fulfill the law, but was killed by the religious leaders. Jesus is not your enemy, but the religious are.

Men use God's word to fulfill their lusts, but God's word is pure. It is not God who is evil, but man.

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Religion is a creation to have a higher power, god is a creation of religion. God is not a real thing. It was a point of reference to try and explain the weird scientific happenings and weather changes in pre-intelligent man, when they did not know what was going on.

Christianity came about because someone wanted control and religion at the time was a way to do so. They did not control any of the other religions and so Christianity was created.

So yes, god is an evil creation that was used to justify murder.

Fuck off with your religious bullshit.

but God's word is pure.

How do you know? You said man corrupted the word of god so you have no idea what is actually gods word or not. God is evil.

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Your words show that you recognize man is the one who is evil, not God. Why do I make this conclusion? Because you say man made a lie to justify his evil deeds. You say there is no god. So then, who is actually evil? It cannot be the god that does not exist, according to you, but the man who made the lie who is evil.

But I thank the true and living God for his care and benefits. He has sent angels to heal me when I was sick. I saw them (briefly) and experienced healing, so you can tell me off all you want, but you cannot convince me to forsake the source of my life. You cannot yell loud enough to cause me to believe there is no spirit realm with a Father of spirits that cares for all.

And how do I know God's word is pure? I pray and ask him. You could do the same. He answers anyone who seeks the truth. And he gives us intelligence and a conscience so we can discern what is a lie and what is the truth.

If I am against war, and if you are against war, why are you against me? I am not one of those that corrupt God's word to justify senseless wars.

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Your words show that you recognize man is the one who is evil, not God.

No, I am saying that both are evil? Are you stupid?