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The only propaganda here is calling it asian hate instead of black violence.

The slogan "end asian hate" makes zero sense. It literally blames asians for "hate".

It should be "end black violence". But in clown world blaming the criminals is racist.

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I call it upside down world but you are so right. It is all a part of the continuing push by US agencies and media to create racial hatred and confusion. But that is obvious I suppose or it should be since they have been doing it for so long.

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The headline makes it clear (More Bogeyman Than Fact) that any wrong-doing on the part of Asians is more a bogeyman than real.

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That headline "Surge in Asian Hate Crime," came builtin with the article and takes advantage of the ambiguity of Engliah. If Asians, the type that used to be called Oriental, hate something/someone, it rarely gets physical where I live.

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Yup and there's no surge because black people have been attacking Asians for decades, this is nothing new.