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He's got quite the psychosis going, oh this is fascinating! I''d think his affiliation with god, would mean that Steven Joseph Christopher, and he must have crossed paths. Especially since Steven was also 'helped' by the same computer folks.

The interesting thing is the amount of uber intelligent people that go religi-tard crazy, some make tremendous impacts for the good, and at least some are entertaining!

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It wasn't religion which gave Terry schizophrenia though. Religious mania may be a common expression of schizophrenia, but the causes are not fully understood. Hearing voices is one symptom, and Terry believed his voices were from "God".

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Right, I agree fully, but have noted a lot of people that have variations of schizophrenia, go full blown, 'apostle, savior, or head of the Holy Roman Church', sort of stuff.

As far as causes, I actually lean towards greater mental gifts, but a society that chooses to simply see illness rather than exploring potential benefits.... Our minds are not a very 'open' topic, while the government spends a lot figuring it out behind closed doors.

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I wouldn't say "the greatest". There are many who were more skilled, and many who have made greater contributions.

What he achieved was still quite impressive, though! And it's incredibly sad that internet trolls turned what was a manageable psychosis into something that ruined his life, and may ultimately have ended it. Turned what was a fun project into the centre of his delusions, and what his entire life revolved around. Eventually resulted in him rejecting the help he was given.

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Aaron Swartz puts this guy to shame, imo. Far from the greatest. But an interesting character, I guess.