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I ain't clicking links to find out what's behind them, this title is ridiculously undescriptive.

Funnyied instead of down voted.

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I don't blame you. I wouldn't click it either. YouTube put it in my auto cue.

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They ruined that opening track. The original is "Sweet Harmony" by The Beloved from 20 years ago:

The second track sounds like like classic 1990s William Orbit "Water From A Vine Leaf", before and after it gets heavy with the A3 "Woke Up This Morning".

I'm all for tolerance of all colours, cultures, genders, beliefs, flavours, preferences, and non-violent and non-exploitative lifestyles. I'm just so tired of these minorities being pushed in our faces, instead of the ruling class minority who hoards all the power.

I thought the religious and political stuff was funny.

Bonus tracks I stumbled upon: