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Just say for good or money. The good is up to the individual to decide.

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The good is up to the individual to decide.

That's the problem. For the opium addict, nothing is as good as opium. God represents a specific kind of good, namely long term reliability. For modern scum, good is complexity and random evil ideas (programming idols). The kind of good that God represents requires direct simple code, the very opposite of what modern scum consider to be good.

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Depends on the opium addict but some religious addicts are worse. God represents fictional unreliable authority from above rather than the authority of self-responsibility.

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Whether God is fictional is irrelevant and off topic. What matters is the kind of good that God represents, which is why I offered a non-God alternative for atheists. In other words, program for the craft in a way that the code will be reliable over the long term, and this means simple direct code.

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I don't see any good in God, either one from the new or old testament or any others from other religions and myths. The teachings of Christ are good, whether he even existed or not. The rest of the bible is mostly crap to make you obey authority. Natural Law, ethics, and morality are whole other things NOT dependent on any bible of any kind.

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Even more off topic. But feel free to make a new thread on this outside of /s/programming and I will respond.

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"God" is in the title of the OP. Fuck God. Far too many evil things are done in the name of God.

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What do you think of TempleOS?

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I haven't tried it. I like many of his design ideas. But the fact that it achieved some popularity with modern scum means that it must be flawed. The main flaw is simply that it is impractical. Without networking, it can't be used for practical business applications.

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It isn't meant for that, but rather as an actual temple of sorts where you go for a peaceful environment and to make offerings to God. Networking isn't necessary, because it's hard to run it on bare metal and you'll want to virtualise it (which is what Terry David himself did), so you have the host OS as an internet-connected environment. If you really want networking on it, there's Shrine. (But note that Terry David claims TempleOS was designed according to God's instructions; you lose that with any fork.)

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I follow the Old Testament and everything there is practical. The temple was a meeting place. The sacrifices fed the priests. What is the practical use of TempleOS?

I use my software, Luan, for business. It is entirely practical. Of course no modern scum use it, and that is how it should be. I will move to a Mennonite area in north Mexico and teach them how to use my software. Because they are not scum, they will like it.

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Taking a break from everyday life is practical. It can be used as a distraction free writing environment, for contemplation, and to play games.

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I want to thank you for bringing up TempleOS because it has made me question my reasoning in my original post. While a Luan GUI API and text editor would be best in a purist sense, a Reddit alternative would be the most practical choice because this is obviously the biggest practical need. So I will reconsider this this shabbat.

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I gave this more thought and decided to stick with my original plan. The key question is practical to whom? I want to make things that are useful for good people, and the only good people that I know of are the Mennonites in north Mexico. For them, desktop is much more useful than the Web.