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From what little I know, websockets is a depraved modern protocol designed by depraved modern scum. With old protocols you could see examples of what is sent over the wire, and this is mostly simple clear text. Modern depraved protocols are overcomplicated crap that need a layer of code to deal with. Why couldn't a high level duplex protocol simply send JSON back of forth? If modern programmers weren't depraved scum, then this is what they would do. But since they are depraved scum, everything they design is crap.

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i get that, but this webpage shows the basic communications protocol,

i am writing my webserver in straight c language using the "codeblocks" programming system.

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That webpage only shows the transition from HTTP to websockets. It doesn't show any actually websockets communications.

Why are you writing a webserver? You can use my webserver for Java described here.

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my purpose for writing a webserver in pure C language is so that i get to formulate my own http requests and i can decide which header information is included.. my preference is to remain brief.

i get to custom engineer a purely customized HTTP PAGE REQUEST and i get to read the RAW RESPONSE.

i get complete control over the entire process.

btw, my javascript skills are very weak and so if i can figure out how to issue a GET request from javascript that is part of my webpage

oh, i just remembered, isnt there a javascript information site at

i am gonna check.

at the page you can click on "javascript faq" or click here:

good javascript learning site.

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Do you want a web client or a web server?

To do a GET request from javascript, use XMLHttpRequest.