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Sry to object but for python you need no tutorial, imho. Just the docs and some imagination. I know this is kinda mean but i look at this from this point of view.

Python feels to me like natural English language. Django jams up more often than i like and i surely don't know every library.

If you're far enough, i hope you look into:

When you arrived there, i hope you realize python to be the swiss knife it is. But if you then wanna carve out specific stones out of their skulls you realize python is what it is. A knife.

Neither a scalpel nor a a hammer nor a screwdriver nor a wrench nor an abacus and especially not a one-size fits all tool itself.

For me python is for quick and dirty solutions that gotta work in no time . But sad as it is with knifes and all around handiwork tasks: The get dull very easily when applied on harder problems.

If you want an all around modern toolbox i'd rather recommend learning rust even though its learning curve is somewhat steeper: